Welcome to Grace

Facilitated by Pastor Greg

This class meets in the library and is a basic introduction to our church.

How to Interpret the Bible


Led by Matt Boyd

Meeting in Room 108, this class will teach to the essential methods and correct thinking about how to properly interpret the Bible

Crisis Care: Help for the Hurting


Facilitated by Charlie Nelson

Meets in Room 106.

Parenting Class


Led by The Webbs & The Timms

Meets in Room 103. 

Community Groups

In addition to the Sunday morning classes listed above, we also offer Community Groups. These groups are kept smaller in number in order to give people an opportunity to: form relationships on a more personal level; to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus through study of God's Word; and to work together in fulfilling the mission of the gospel. Days and times of meetings vary by group. Contact Pastor Matt Boyd if interested in joining or leading one of these groups.